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A Letter From Sue Hopkins,
Director of Teacher Training and Owner of Etowah Valley Yoga

October 14, 2010

Sue Hopkins E-RYT 500, PYT
Director of Teacher Training
Etowah Valley Yoga, LLC

At Etowah Valley Yoga we have been teaching yoga students to become yoga instructors!  Since our program began we have graduated many local teachers, and some as far away as Athens and Stone Mt.  Students travel to attend Etowah Valley Yoga!

Our curriculum meets or exceeds the Yoga Alliance standards in all areas. It is a blend of my background in yoga, including Iyengar and Integrative Yoga Therapy. Because of my extensive background- I have been practicing for  20 years and teaching since 1999- I was able to design a program that teachers HOW to teach.

Our yoga teachers are successful!  Many have become studio owners or make a living as independent teachers.

We have teachers in athletic group classes, corporate yoga, and private session.  Most of my 200 hour graduates have continued on in the 500 hour program, ours being one of the few in the state of Georgia.

At Etowah Valley Yoga we teach all the necessary skills to teach yoga.

See below some testimonials from my graduates.

Many Blessings,
Sue Hopkins

Take a look at our successful graduates!

Graduates of the 200 Hour Program:

Allison Caffyn
Camille Hernandez
John Reiners
Lisa Browning
Melissa Witsell
Mitzi Edmondson
Natalie Goodwin
Pamela Crowe
Vicki Rusk
April Marten
Donna Wagman
Jane deAlbuquereque
Kathryn Collins
Kathryn Rogers
Kim Saunders
Leata Thomas
Regina Houang
Shalan Hill
Sharon McGarity
Amelia Gober
Deb Chichester
Donna Marie Newton
Grace Stephen
Jacqueline Hopkins
James Clark
Jennifer Smeth
Lauria Rinella
Linda Ritch
Priya Verma
Rita Patel
Tonja Bennett-Blake
Lydia Siniard
Sherri Jens
Debbie Grove
Jane Haigler
Samatha Ownby
Rachel Robbinette
Lisa Siniard
Rachel Smith-Bahadir
Monica Murray
Chelsea McPherson
Barbara Gladstone
Marcy Lipscomb
Laine Voccio
Denise Cox
Leanne Allen
Diane Calhoun
Nathalie Fortin
Jyoti Kaneria
Ellie Leal
Jennifer Mullis
Beth Randall
Julie Ravish
Daniel Stephen
Aletha Wilson
Angela McClain
Kathryn Beck
Sharon Stone
Kristyn Bridson
Carmen East
Carolyn Way
Deborah Lingner
Dave Scruggs
Kristin Landfield
Jordan Flowers
Marcia Moore
Jaimee Rister
Jennifer Schill
Lisa Stabler
Judy Ann Tanner
Krista Barker
Missy Brigance
Courtney Carroll

Graduates of the 300 (500) Hour Program:

Abbey Brewer
Dayna Gelinas
Lynne Jacobs
Melissa Witsell
Regina Houang
Jane deAlbuquereque
Vicki Rusk
Lisa Browning
Kelli Carraway
Grace Stephen
Kim Saunders
Linda Spencer
Linda Ritch
Deb Chichester
Dede Yow
Chelsea McPherson
Susan Polk
Lisa Siniard
Bill Cottrell
Lydia Siniard
Barbara Upchurch
Angela McClain
Sharon Sone
Denise Keller
Shirley Counter
Shailaja Madhaven
Donna Marie Newton
Manisha Parag
Rachel Smith-Bahadir
Carolyn Campbell
Samantha Casteel
Cathy “CC” Carter-Cox
Essud Fungcap Jr.
Lara Hrinko
Cindy Michaels
Sheila Roth
Priya Verma
Christy Newsome

Graduates of Yoga Therapy Program:

Chelsea McPherson
Reginia Houang
Grace Stephen
Dede Yow

Yoga Teacher Training in Cartersville, Georgia

We are an MYCAA approved school (for spouse of active military) and approved for Veterans GI Bill.
Call 770-383-3022 for information.

Teacher Training Testimonials:

  • “The Etowah Valley Teacher Training has been a great program for me. I have gained tremendous depth of knowledge beyond the learning the yoga poses. And Sue is one of the very best in teaching safe adjustments to the poses. I am currently teaching yoga, and I find myself using what I have learned from Sue in the yoga classes I teach. I highly recommend the program.”
    John Reiners
    Rome, Ga.
  • “Knowing that Yoga would be a lifelong study/practice of mine, I was pleasantly surprised to find that working on on my 200 hour certification as a Yoga instructor with Sue Hopkins would be so enjoyable and provide so much growth. I believe I was lucky to take this course at Etowah Valley Yoga. Sue embodies yoga. She has the knowledge and presence to teach and share Yoga fully. “Honor for those who embody noble qualities”, can begin to describe, and is fitting for a Yoga teacher such as Sue.
    Lisa Browning
    LMT, Yoga and Pilates instructor
  • I wanted to share with people what I had learned about yoga. I got my certification at Etowah Valley Yoga and have taught yoga for a year now and it is everything I had hoped and more! I want to thanks Sue Hopkins, my teacher and mentor, for her work and her studio. I don’t know if she realizes what an “oasis” her studio is- and what a gift she is to all of us in this area.
    She has followed her dharma, to my and many, many other students benefit. She is an amazing, inspiring teacher. In my effort to “give back” to Sue, and to the Universe, I do my best to teach what I have learned at Etowah Valley Yoga.
    In Peace,
    Reginia Houang
  • Sue, I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experiences in teacher training. I am so grateful to have been able to attend the course with you as my mentor and guide. Thank you for all that you have shared and the never ending generosity of knowledge and tools you passed along to us all.
    Anyone who simply listens to your words will quickly know the passion for Yoga that you freely and joyfully put on display. From each encounter with you, I have found myself a step closer to being a fulfilled man. My journey into yoga did not start and will not end at Etowah Valley Yoga but I most certainly will always hear you in the back of my mind saying… “You must practice what you teach”, “Teach action words for every asana”, “Start at the base of the asana and work your way up” and of course “May you live with ease”.
    When I first sought out Etowah Valley Yoga I questioned the hour and half drive north up interstate 75 from Johns Creek. After just the first weekends I was convinced that I had made the right choice and never gave it a second thought. I look forward to attending your 500 hour teacher training program and continuing to learn from you.
    Your faithful student and teacher,
    James W. Clark

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