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Why Yoga Etc.?

The inspiration behind Yoga Etc. was the many people we have met over the years that needed a place where they can simply enjoy mind-body practices, movement and exercise in a safe and effective way. Yoga Etc. is the place where people can enjoy freedom of movement regardless of age, various ability and disability.

Class Menu

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. Traditional yoga postures become accessible to all when performed in a seated position. It is perfect for those who have difficulty standing or getting down or up off the floor.

24 Moves of (Standing) Yang Tai Chi with Phil Robinson

These slow moves when placed in sync. with proper breathing create an abundant amount of chi (internal energy) to flow through the body. Tai Chi is one of the most popular mind and body healing arts in the world.

Medical Qi Gong

Gentle flowing moves coordinated with breath lead by the mind will leave the student feeling calm, producing a sense of well-being. The student will learn how to use color and the sound of their voice for healing.

Pre Natal Yoga

Specific yoga sequences for women from 12 weeks to post partum.


A specially designed class for people over 50. We address joint stiffness, tight hips, and bone strength. A must class for those who want to age successfully!

Chair Assisted Yoga

Classes designed for those with limited abilities. Yoga therapists will guide students through chair poses and if able to transfer to the floor, mat work.