Located about 40 minutes north of Atlanta, our location is easy to access. We are able to offer a space for workshops and yoga teacher trainings while still hosting regular classes for students.

Opened in 2012, Yoga. Etc is a handicap accessible location, making it an ideal space for adaptive-style yoga classes. Workshops and teacher trainings are held at this location, in addition to an array of traditional and therapeutic classes. Qi Gong, bodyArt, prenatal and seniors yoga are just a few of the options that this studio offers. Yoga, Etc. offers a comfortable and high-quality flooring, with a supportive but slightly cushioned feel that is easy on knees and backs. A lobby and retail space are located at the front of the building, while an additional lounge is located in the back.

Yoga, Etc.

799 West Avenue
Suite 104
Cartersville, Georgia 30120