Yoga Workshop Interfacing Energy Principles with Hatha Yoga

EmPowerFlow Yoga: Integration of the 3 Gunas – Weekend 4

November 6 & 7, 2021

Offered both in-person or via Zoom

Saturday, November 6, 2021 – 10:30 am – 6 pm

Sunday, November 7, 2021 – 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

10 Total YA approved hours

CE Hours are also applicable for the Wellness Practitioner Certification Program (

This weekend of Integration will weave together the energies of Rajas, Tamas, and Sattva, i.e., 3 foundational components to the Wireless Anatomy as given by Dr. Randolph Stone. We will take a step back to explore again each of the gunas unique qualities and how we understand them now.

This exploration becomes incredibly beneficial by seeing into all that we have had to process in a profoundly chaotic life atmosphere. Watching and standing by our families, friends, students, clients, and all beings…..none of whom are exempt from the chaos, upset and confusion.

What is the worth of our work if not to utilize with as much skill and compassion towards everyone and everything, everywhere?

The mystery of yoga, 1000’s of years old, is the profound truth that knows no time, only knows your spine! The vertebrae must be decompressed routinely, the heart must know love, the mind must direct and allow energy to flow. Energy therapies are the leading edge because they get to the core.

Teaching yoga is so incredible because we empower others to grow and direct their own energy for health building and spiritual unfoldment. By the way, this is the hardest job you will ever have,

Included in our weekend:

  1. Deep dive into the qualities of the elements ether, air, fire, water & air in relation to the Guna
  2. Application of these energies to poses/asanas
  3. Accessing these energies through meditation on the chakras
  4. Applying the lines of force to assist release of the spine, back, hips, shoulders, neck and knees.

This class is a really good opportunity to gain more insight into your own and/or your student’s process. Here are some issues that often arise.

Anything familiar?

  1. Where does fear of a pose show up?
  2. Why does this pose scare me?
  3. How can I feel safer in my practice?
  4. Can I move through all this scar tissue from an injury?
  5. Nothing I do makes a difference ……….

Understanding energy principles, utilizing energy principles, and appreciating energy principles truly is a process of exploring, absorbing, and experimenting. Energy really is the key component to our health and well being. Applying these principles to yoga makes practice so very interesting and mystical.

Most wonderful in this weekend will be what we co-create together from your yoga and meditation experience.

Did you miss Weekends 1, 2 and/or 3? No problem! Thanks to the pandemic, ironically, we have these weekends on video available for purchase for $95 each (Save $55) with your paid registration for Workshop 4.

All are welcome to attend. You are not required to have taken Weekends 1, 2, & 3. Those that complete all 4 weekends will receive Certification as an EmPowerFlow Yoga Instructor.

Contact Donna Futrell with any questions at 678-230-3452 or [email protected]


$200 paid on or before October 25
$225 paid after October 25
Hand outs and preview information will be sent when we receive your payment.

Recent Testimonial

“My Empower Workshop experience was very different from what I thought it would be. By dissecting a pose, slowly and deliberately getting into it allows you to become aware of the muscles that you use, make adjustments necessary to improve your position, isolate the appropriate muscles and gain a whole new level of body awareness. Then, by holding the pose, your physical comfort improves and allows you to grow the pose far beyond what can be accomplished in a regular yoga class. In addition to all this, when you release the pose you have a greater cognitive and physical reaction to what the pose accomplished. You come away from this workshop feeling physically fabulous, mentally relaxed, with a greater understanding of your body and a jump start on growing
your regular yoga class experience.” ~Susan H, Atlanta


Eleanora Lipton, Yoga Mentor, BCPP, B.A. in Religious Studies

Eleanora Lipton is the founder of EmPowerFlow Yoga;   teaching over 35 years;  specializing in integrating energy principles of Polarity Therapy with Hatha Yoga.  Eleanora leads yoga and energetic healing retreats and trainings throughout the US, Scandinavia and Europe.

Formerly… one of thirty original American Polarity Therapy Association, APTA honored RPP and RPE;  now a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Wellness Practitioner;  Member of the International Polarity Education Alliance; past APTA Board Member; co-author of The Therapeutic Art of Polarity;        past Yoga and Polarity Therapist at Accelerated Recovery Centers (recovery center for alcoholics); B.A. in Religious Studies, University of Colorado; Spiritual studies and extensive retreats with The Inayati Order.    She and her team offer hands on therapy and yoga for relief of over-stressed muscles, injuries, athletic stress, and day-to-day life. This therapy also reaches into deeply held stress patterns both physically and mentally, helping to release resistance and promote the receptive, i.e., the allowing of body, mind, and spirit to come into higher alignment. When the blockages/resistances are released, a sense of balance and vitality come naturally.

Eleanora is also the founder of the Wellness Practitioner Certification Program. Trainings now available.

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