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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is performed under hot and humid conditions, resulting in considerable sweating. Our state-of-the-art, infrared radiant heaters make the higher temperatures easier to tolerate than forced air heaters.

Set in a room with a temperature of approximately 104 degrees our Hot Yoga sessions include a variety of poses and each class is between 60 – 75 minutes. It is beneficial for both inner and outer health, as it improves the entire body.

Hot yoga aims to provide relaxation of the mind and improve physical fitness.

A heated environment can make the practice of yoga more challenging, but some of the benefits may be worth it.

Improves Flexibility

Hot yoga improves flexibility allowing you to stretch a little further and achieve a greater range of motion.  The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility in beginner’s postures, which is therapeutic for your body.

Burn More Calories

Turning up the heat can help you burn even more calories.  The heart rate will increase when activity is done in the heat, which is thought to increase cardiovascular activity and metabolism thereby aiding in toning of the body and weight loss.

More Challenging Workout

Striking different yoga poses in high heat can give your heart, lungs, and muscles a more challenging workout than doing the same poses at a lower temperature.

Cleanses Toxins From the Body

Hot yoga cleanses toxins from the body due to profuse sweating. The artificial heat and humidity primes the body for elimination of toxins through activation of the lymphatic system, and increases blood circulation, which supports the metabolic processes of organs and glands.

We have several Hot Yoga classes on the schedule each week. If you are not already a fan, you must give it a try!


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