Led by Ray Robertson

Sunday, October 13 from 2-5pm

Qigong is an ancient healing energy practice for overall wellness, often referred to as meditation with movement. Primordial Qigong is an exceptionally powerful and rare series of movements developed centuries ago from an ancient Taoist tradition but only recently made available to the general public. Previously, the practice was selectively passed down to individual students only. This comprehensive method cleanses the body of stagnant energy and recharges the spirit with harmonizing qi, seeking to restore the primordial state of the body.

No previous Qigong experience is needed

What you will learn

• A basic introduction to Qigong, a system of healing.
• The history and benefits of Primordial Qigong.
• Select Qigong Primordial movements.

What you will experience

• Powerful movements for expelling negative energy from the body, and gathering in positive qi from the universe into the three energy centers of the body (known as dantians).
• The exceptional benefits of group practice of Primordial Qigong.
• How to work with strong visualations which help the Primordial practice.

What you will take home

• A class hand-out with notes for all topics covered and links to videos of all movements covered in class.
• Access to a student-only forum where you can ask additional questions and interact with other students.

$45 early bird, $55 after October 6

Ray Robertson

Ray Robertson has been practicing qigongfor several years. For the last four years he has been studying with internationally known Qigong Grand Master Kenneth Cohen, author of The Wily of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing. Master Cohen learning Primordial Qigong directly from his teacher, Madame Gao Fu, and her teacher, renowned Taiji Quan Master Feng Zhiqiang. In dealing with a famiy tendency toward disabling anxiety, Ray uses Qigong daily for overall fitness and relief from the stress-laden world of computer programming.

“Primordial Qigong is one of the most comprehensive qigong practices I have been exposed to. I continue to do it on a regular basis. Ray Robertson has the qualities one looks for in a teacher: integrity, knowledge and caring. I recommend him most enthusiastically.” -Stuat’t Bomzington, Ph.D.

“Ray is a wonderful Qigong instructor …. he works hard at his craftand learns the practices deeply. He then shares them in generous detail, preserving the integrity of the practice, while using a gentle and supportive approach that enhances the student’s ability to learn. It is a real pleasure learning from him.” -Carol Ritter, Ph.D.

“A good teacher, they say, is someone who can help students learn. Ray certainly has that quality and the attention to detail he puts into his own practice is conveyed in his teaching. The Primordial Qigong he teaches is a beautiful practice and a great oppommity for you to truly understand and feel energy flow in the body. It is the best health re-set I know. ?ill Carmody
“Ray Robertson is an excellent teacher and provides students of Qigong, like myself, with an eye for step by step instruction in the practice of Primordial Qigong along with his very patient, steady and understanding demeanor. ” -Toni Atmore

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