Secret River Sounds Sound Immersion

Sounds Immersion

with Alex Ballew from Secret River Sounds

Join us for a special sound immersion at Etowah Valley Yoga.

Alex Ballew of Secret River Sounds will be filling the room with deep tones from the gong, gentle melodies from the Quartzophone crystal harp, vibrations from singing bowls, rain sticks, bells, drums and more.

Drift into the stillness below the mind and access the parasympathetic nervous system for an opportunity to let go, rejuvenate, feel grounded and become deeply relaxed.

Participants have an opportunity for emotional revelation, a chance to connect with themselves, and ultimately tap into their innate ability for self healing.

What to bring: The more comfortable you can be the better. You will go deeper into the experience if you are cushioned and cozy. You will want to create a soft nest on the floor. Pillows, blankets, bolsters, eye mask/pillows, etc. will help you get comfortable. The more cushy props the better!

We have props at the studio to use as you experience this sound immersion, but you are welcome to bring your own props as well.

*Cannot use your monthly membership for this class


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