Yoga Workshop Interfacing Energy Principles with Hatha Yoga

EmPowerFlow Yoga: Powering Up from the Earth and Activating from Center – Weekend 2

Offered both in-person or via Zoom
Times: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm both Saturday & Sunday
14 Total YA approved hours
CE Hours are also applicable for the Wellness Practitioner Certification Program (

In Weekend 2, the focus is on getting more and deeper to the core. From the ‘energy’ perspective, the core is of the quality of Tamas, i.e, like sinking into the center of the planet of the earth through our body. Feel this for a moment. Turn your attention deeply inward at your navel and imagine diving in.

The physical body slowly begins to open into a reservoir full yet empty. A profound energy is present…..deep, penetrating, with texture. Emotions reveal themselves. So much can be discovered here. Herein lies a tremendous source of energy. We will tune in here and learn so much regarding the strength or struggle with our focus and poses. As you feel these deep inner energies, we will co-create a safe and transformative yoga journey.

Would you like to dive a little deeper into understanding more of the nature of energy? This energy model is truly a profound way to activate yoga poses and move more deeply into stillness.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the chakra system as our core energy system
  • Purification breathing practice for all 5 elements
  • Activating fire, water and air elements to move more and more from the center to the peripheral body
  • Poses for the core muscles of the torso which serve as key levers with specific focus on safety of the neck and spine
  • Core/energy principles of the shoulders and hips and how they are interdependent for strength and flexibility

These elemental energies are who you are, who nature is, and as Dr. Stone says, the elements are the ‘batteries of life.’ As long as there is life in the body, these batteries are completely rechargeable! This energy model will truly serve you in all your endeavors.

Grounding, Powering Up, Activating

Tamasic – deep contact with the core; earth energy of strength, stability, grounding, and inertia
Grounding deeply is empowered by the energy of tamas.


$250 paid 1 month prior to class
$300 paid less than one month from class
Did you miss Weekends 1 & 2? No problem! Thanks to the pandemic, ironically, we have both weekends on video available for purchase for $95 each (Save $55) with your paid registration for Workshop 3.

Recent Testimonial

“My Empower Workshop experience was very different from what I thought it would be. By dissecting a pose, slowly and deliberately getting into it allows you to become aware of the muscles that you use, make adjustments necessary to improve your position, isolate the appropriate muscles and gain a whole new level of body awareness. Then, by holding the pose, your physical comfort improves and allows you to grow the pose far beyond what can be accomplished in a regular yoga class. In addition to all this, when you release the pose you have a greater cognitive and physical reaction to what the pose accomplished. You come away from this workshop feeling physically fabulous, mentally relaxed, with a greater understanding of your body and a jump start on growing
your regular yoga class experience.” ~Susan H, Atlanta


Eleanora Lipton, Yoga Mentor, BCPP, B.A. in Religious Studies

Eleanora Lipton is the founder of EmPowerFlow Yoga;   teaching over 35 years;  specializing in integrating energy principles of Polarity Therapy with Hatha Yoga.  Eleanora leads yoga and energetic healing retreats and trainings throughout the US, Scandinavia and Europe.

Formerly… one of thirty original American Polarity Therapy Association, APTA honored RPP and RPE;  now a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Wellness Practitioner;  Member of the International Polarity Education Alliance; past APTA Board Member; co-author of The Therapeutic Art of Polarity;        past Yoga and Polarity Therapist at Accelerated Recovery Centers (recovery center for alcoholics); B.A. in Religious Studies, University of Colorado; Spiritual studies and extensive retreats with The Inayati Order.    She and her team offer hands on therapy and yoga for relief of over-stressed muscles, injuries, athletic stress, and day-to-day life. This therapy also reaches into deeply held stress patterns both physically and mentally, helping to release resistance and promote the receptive, i.e., the allowing of body, mind, and spirit to come into higher alignment. When the blockages/resistances are released, a sense of balance and vitality come naturally.

Eleanora is also the founder of the Wellness Practitioner Certification Program. Trainings now available.

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